HU J.L. (Prof.)
Tel 2766 6437
Room QT807a
Prof. Hu obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from China and her PhD from UMIST (now University of Manchester), UK. Before furthering her studies in the UK she was a lecturer in a textile university in China, where she taught subjects such as Textile Material Sciences, Fashion Colours and Clothing Studies. Prof Hu joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1994. She teaches a broad range of subjects such as Structre and Mechanics of Textiles, testing and evaluation of textiles and clothing, quality assurance, textile technology and material sciences, product development, as well as hi-tech and non-apparel textiles. Her teaching duties include different levels of class teaching and supervising BSc, MPhil and PhD students.
She has been undertaking and leading a number of large scale ( millions of HK Dollars) of research projects in the areas of Shape Memory Materials and Textiles, Structure and Mechanics, Cloth (Soft-Body) Simulation, Objective Fabric Appearance and Hand Evaluation using Psychophysics, Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Prof Hu is a member of several professional bodies, an Publication Committee Chair and Executive member of the Hong Kong Institution of Textiles & Apparel and of the Society of Hong Kong Scholars, a Fellow of the Textile Institute and of the Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel, Editor-in-Chief for Research Journal of Textiles and Apparel as well as an editorial member of a number of journals, an Honorary Professor of several universities in China. She has published a number of books and book chapters and about 300 papers and patents, and has been awarded many prizes for the merits of her academic papers and industrial materials and products.

In addition, as an invited speaker and author of papers, PhD examiner, adviser and organizer of conferences. Prof. Hu is active in the international academic world. In particular, she has very strong ties with China and has been liaising with the top universities in China to promote our research and programmes as well as recruit students. Her name is included in several international biographical publications. she was awarded by the Fibre Society of the USA for a Distinguished Achievements Award and Sang Ma Award from China.
BEng, Wuhan Institute of Textile Science and Technology (WHITST), China, 8/1982
MEng, China Textile University (CTU), Major: Textile Materials, Thesis Title: Evaluation of fabric hand (9/1983-1/1986), 1/1986
PhD, Textile Department, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), Thesis Title: Low-stress fabric mechanics and structure of woven fabrics (8/1990-8/1994), 8/1994

Area of Specialization (Teaching & Research)

  1. Teaching Specialities: Textile Materials, Textile Sciences, Hi-tech Textiles
  2. Research fields/Specialism: Shape Memory materials and textile/Textile materials

    Teaching Activities

    (a) Subjects Taught (for the past 3 years)

      Year Subject title Level
      2008-2009 Textile Material Sciences PhD
        Textile and Clothing Materials & Processing MSc
        Fabric Technology I and II BSc
        Advanced Textile Studies BSc 
      2007-2008 Textile Sciences: Textile Mechanics PhD
        Textile Material Sciences PhD 
        Textile and Clothing Materials & Processing MSc 
        Fabric Technology I and II BSc
        Fabric Technology I and II BSc 
        Advanced Textile Studies MSc
        Hi-tech Textiles  
      2006-2007 Product Development  
        Hi-tech Textiles  
        Textile Materials PhD 
        Textile Sciences: Textile Mechanics PhD
        Clothing and Textile Materials and Processes MSc
        Current Development in Textile Technology BSc

    (b) Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students

          Completed: 10 PhD (8 as Chief Supervisor, 2 as Co-Supervisor)
                                 2 MPhil (1 as Chief Supervisor, 1 as Co-Supervisor)
          Ongoing: 7 PhD (4 as Chief Supervisor, 3 as Co-Supervisor)

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  1. Study of Stimuli Responsive Shape Memory Cellulose Composites, RGC funding.(1 Jan 10 – 30 Jun 12)
  2. 研究開發具有形狀記憶特性的紡織產品 [Development of Textile Products with Shape Memory Fibers](Ref.: P09-0147), 廣東紡織服裝研究所 (Guangdong Institute for Garment Research and Development, RMB 150,000.(15 Nov 2009- 30 April 2011)
  3. 研究開發具有形狀記憶特性的內衣產品 [Development of Intimate Apparel and using Shape Memory Fibers] Ref.: P09-0129), Zhejiang Heng Mei Company Ltd., RMB 100,000. (10 Oct 2009-9 Oct 2010).
  4. Study of Multi-responsive and Multi-functional Shape Memory Polymers for Intelligent Textiles and Apparel, UGC Funding (1 May 2008- 30 April 11)
  5. Development of Shape Memory Wool Garment (Ref.: P06-0065), Australian Wool Innovation Limited, AUD 463,000. (7 Jul 2006- 30 Aug 2007)

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Publications / Exhibitions

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Academic Awards and Other Achievements

  1. 2000 Outstanding Scientists 2008/2009 – Textile Science and Technology, International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England.
  2. Research Award, Golden Award of “Fabric Structure Analysis and Appearance Evaluation System-FabricEye”, 6th China International Invention Exhibition Inventions (IEIS), Suzhou, China, 16th-19th October 2008
  3. Most Valued Project Award for Development of Shape Memory Wool Garment, Outstanding Professional Services & Innovation Awards, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2007.
  4. Highest International Consultancy Award for Development of Shape Memory Wool Garment, Outstanding Professional Services & Innovation Awards, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2007.
  5. First-Class Prize, Sang Ma Trust Fund Textile Science and Technology Award, Oct 2006. (桑麻科技一等奖, 10/2006. 中国天津.)
  6. Silver Award, Shape Memory Fabrics and their Preparation Methods, 53rd World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology in Brussels Eureka 2004 (38th World Eureka Invention Expo.) Nov. 2004.
  7. Gold Award, Advanced Automatic Fabric Appearance Evaluation System, 14th National Inventions Exhibition of China, October 2003.
  8. Distinguished Achievement Award in Basic or Applied Fiber Science by The Fiber Society (In recognition of her contributions to fiber science, particularly for her studies on fabric structure and mechanical properties of textiles), USA, 31 October 2001.

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